Full-Stack Developer

I am a developer with 10+ years of experience from Kazakhstan. Last years I made some sport trading but with no success. I have started a project in sports data analysis and it takes not much time. Nowadays I plan to relocate in English-speaking country and open for job offers in sphere of my competence.

I am most interested to work in Medicine, Biothech, Education, Green Technologies. I like science and wanna make world better.

Complex Systems

I am interested in developing complex disturbed systems communicated via Web.

Web Services

Create stable high load web services for many different clients.


Projecting and creating online and offline databases.

Windows Applications

Windows Forms, WPF or Universal Applications acting like management tools or local clients.


Native Android or Xamarin Applications.

Data Science

Data manipulation from mining to analyse. Python or R programming, work with Microsoft R Server.

Unity 2D/3D

Development games for educational purposes.

Devices Engineering

Project, design and programming power devices managed by Arduino or STM32 with Android interfaces.


Programming Languages

C#.NET 10+ years practice, from WPF apps to Xamarin
JavaScript JQuery
Python for web projects and data science
R (just started online courses)
MS SQL Server this is the main DB for data analysis on my desktop
PostgreSQL main DB for Web projects
Sqlite great for data cache with local clients
NoSQL I have experience with Redis and Firebase
.NET from 2.0 to 4.61
Django for big Web projects
Flask for lightweight Web projects like this site
Program Packages
Microsoft PowerBi for Data Analyse and Presentation
Adobe Photoshop and IllustratorLike a hobby
Solidworks another one
APIs from Google till Betfair
Modules from ServiceStack till Plotly
CentOS AdministrationI use a VPS hosting with CentOS 7.0

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